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  Explore SAE<br>Builder & Resources
Explore SAE
Builder & Resources

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  Principles of Agriculture,<br>Food and Natural Resources
Principles of Agriculture,
Food and Natural Resources

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Vet Science
CDE Handbook

Vet Science CDE Resources
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  Welcome to IMS  
  During the past 50 years, Instructional Materials Service (IMS) has developed standards-based ag curriculum covering a wide range of topics related to agriculture. 

Our goal is to provide agricultural educators with quality, up-to-date and customizable materials that can easily be used in the classroom and are aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

Currently, IMS is developing a new model of curriculum development and delivery. Through IMS Online and My IMS, we offer educators one-stop access to all of their teaching materials.

If you want to know more or have any questions, read more here. Our 2017 catalogs are available at AFNR Catalog or Trade & Industrial Education Catalog.

If you would like to join the IMS team, please download the IMS Employment Form.

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